Very Small Aperture Terminal, in the South Pacific VSAT means 1.8 to 7.3m antennas…

VSAT is a private satellite circuit between two end-users.

Our strength

9c427e096000fd3e64e5709023df22ddebca973f-0003373Tailor made & ready to use installation (From site survey, equipment purchase, logistics, installation to bandwidth supply). Truly a One Stop Shop.

According to you specific needs we can supply equipment only, installations only, bandwidth only or turn key installations.

Circuit sizes

09636a7676a1260b91acef101a5e66f1f3da3ac3-0003920We provide equipment for circuits from 19.2k to several E1s. We can help you to assess your needs, in order to purchase what you need and nothing more.

Satellite News Gathering

Autonomous vehicle journalism with satellite transmission :

  • Live Report
  • Fast & easy deployment everywhere
  • Eliminates ground infrastructure

Additional technical details :

  • 1.2m antenna
  • Automatic satellite acquisition through embedded GPS and electronic compass
  • Uplink to the IS 18 satellite (180 ° East / Elevation 36000 Kms)
  • Frequency Band Ku (12-14Ghz)
  • Bit rate 12 Mbit/s


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