We are

Specialized in high performance Internet connectivity for Telecom Operators,

ISPs, research organizations and other professional users of IP related bandwidth.

We also promote “over Satellite” leased lines in the Pacific.

VSAT Legal situation in the South Pacific

The South Pacific is an area where Telecom Operators often own a monopoly on local and international telecommunications. This is done to protect the universal service obligation these operators often have.

We therefore suggest that you check local regulations. In general terms, if you are not a Telecom Operator and you cannot obtain a Satellite communications licence, you might not be able to legally operate a VSAT service.

Our company is specialized in :

  • High Performance Internet Connectivity
  • VSAT services, link budgets and analysis
  • Feasibility studies for all telecommunications projects
  • Earth Station construction, commissioning & maintenance
  • Equipment sourcing
  • VoIP Solutions
  • PSTN Terminations
  • Internet of Things – LoraWan
  • Web & Digital strategies


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